Everything To Know About The Foot Fetish

foot fetish cover photo

We have all heard of the foot fetish. But what do you know about it? I mean in-depth? You probably think it is just something you start liking step by step. Oh, well, it is valid to some extent.

I am here to tell you all the spicy details around this sexual practice!

Why do people have a foot fetish

It is exactly like buying new clothes. Everybody has their own style and favorite shops. It is like any other preference in bed. Some of us like bondage, others-feet. As long as you wear it with taste, just do it. Of course, it is something you learn, again, just like the style!

Is it only about feet

This is a very frequent misunderstanding. It is all about everything below the knees- ankles, feet, toes, nails. Some people are attracted to pedicure taken some proper care, and others find legs from tight to toes as a massive turn on. Legs are a whole new erogenous zone to explore. Your loved one will find some new pleasurable sensations to enjoy!
People who love foot experiments are very likely to be attracted to things related to them, just like shoes, especially high heels,  socks, and jewelry.

Submission and feet are strictly connected

If we put the things straight-forward, we cannot just miss the fact that the one loving legs is usually really into any kind of self-humiliation and submissiveness. It is all about psychology here, and this might sound like a strong statement, but if somebody is happy with being submissive, they are most probably into this fetish, whether they know or not.

Foot Fetish Partnership

What is a real worry for most people having this fetish is how their partner would respond to it. You will never know unless you even try. Yes, it is that simple! Talk to them and express your desires firmly but gently. This way, you will be able to give them the feeling that you actually need to practice this fetish, and this should not disturb them.
If this is the first fetish that you will share with your partner, slow steps are the way to go. You may want to explain to them how a foot makes you feel and how enjoyable it is to be the object of this feeling as feet have a lot of nerves whose stimulation is a thing really. A good massage while talking might help.

The explorer

If you have recently realized that you have a foot fetish, you might want to try exploring it.  Give some relaxing time to your partner and please them with a massage or a whole pedicure set of activities. It will be some very fun time for both of you!
It may sound weird, but you cannot enjoy any fetish unless you accept it entirely in your life. My advice is to take some photos of your own feet and to love them first. This is one of the first stops on this whole barefoot run.
Having  this specific fetish mostly means that shoes will do something impressive for you. Find your style. You may love velvet or leather. High or flat shoes? Flip flops to see more skin or high boots because the smell of leather turns you on? All this s a question of personal preferences!
To take the process of exploration further, foot job is something to try! A stimulation on so many levels! However, take into account that feet are not as trained as hands, and you will probably experience some clumsy moments at first. Perfection takes practice!

Dangers around the corner

Of course, we do not have to forget that many dangers lay in this fetish- sexually transmitted diseases, skin infections, nail cuts, etc. This is a hurtful reality. However, all these can be avoided with just one thing-good hygiene! Some good care of your feet and proper intimate cleansing are quite enough for you to feel safe while enjoying this fetishist practice.

Although the word fetish makes it sound weird, foot admiration is quite a normal thing. As long as you have the explicit consent of the other person, you are free to enjoy your desires to the fullest! There is no right or wrong way to practice foot fetish. There should be only your own way to explore it and really satisfy yourself!

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