How To Talk Dirty – Fetish Tips

You and your partner and passionately having sex. They are above you, and you heat them screaming with whispers, “Talk dirty to me!”. And you literally get a panic attack, you are out of breath…and literally, die.

Okay, I am being overly dramatic now, but this sentence was basically pushing my panic button so hard, that I just couldn’t say a word, or if I did it, it was something really cringy… It turns out that many other people feel like this, so I decided to share with you, guys, what I learned from my experience – my big Do’s in the sexy talk dirty!

Find The Perfect Wording

Everybody has the guilty pleasure words that have a huge turn-on effect on them. You just have to find them!
Better start off investigating your partner’s case with something much more innocent than real intercourse. Some sexting would work perfectly well. Through words, you have all the power to create fantasies in you’re other person’s head. Reading about their fantasies will guide you to the right words you will use in the bedroom!
You can start building tension and fantasies with a naughty question with an even naughtier reply. You can always text them basically out of nowhere something like, “I’ve missed you a lot today. Can’t wait to see you after work! What will you be wearing?/ Where are we making it today?/ Tell me all the places on my body where you will kiss me!”

Talk Dirty With Making Open Statements

This is some kind of dirty talk. Being completely natural and open when it comes to sex, especially during intercourse, is a massive turn-on tool to use. Do not feel intimidated to accept your emotions at this exact moment.

Tell your partner when you are fucking wet! If you are in public, it is so sexy to just hug them and whisper in their ear, “I’m so wet right now! I can’t wait to feel you inside me! I am going downstairs now, to the toilet! I know you wanna be my company!”.
When you are in the middle of the sex, you might want to tell them, or just scream that you are on the edge. “I am about to cum!” will definitely motivate them to get you to the point! Whether you believe it or not, knowing that you are the reason for somebody’s legs-shaking orgasm is a big confidence boost!

Express Yourself

So many people live their life with the biggest misconception that sexiness in what porn creates as a perspective for the world. However, this is not true at all. You do not have to sound like a porn star. You do not have to scream out loud or curse. It is all up to you who you want to be and how you want to react.
My personal advice when it comes to this is to forget about control over the situation, and just let yourself be careless. Enjoy the moment. The second you leave all your timidity and questions and disturbing thoughts will be the second you will stop giving a shit about dirty talk. You will be sexier than ever. I can bet money on that.
If you feel like your sexual energy speaks in a deep voice, do it. If you are cumming and you want to get high pitched, do not even dare to stop your mouth scream. Nature has created us perfectly to get the attention of the other sex well enough to reproduce. You yourself are sexy enough to improve the way you sound while dirty talks and sexual moments overall.

The One-Word-Only Win

Thinking way too much while having sex can ruin the whole vibe… Imagine being in the middle of the intercourse, and you start thinking about a whole a whole sentence to sound super sexy and turning on. You get anxiously involved in the process of coming up with something original, but nothing comes to your mind. Your brain is basically not in the game anymore…
This is the best case to make you confident that one-word dirty talks are the best. Also, they are wonderful to express exactly what you need, and it will not sound like you are not happy with your partner’s performance, but more like giving them instructions on how to get you there when you are edging. Words like “Faster!” and “Harder!” are very basic but work unconditionally!

talk dirty daddy

Descriptions In Details To Talk Dirty

A weird but understandable tendency is that people usually feel uncomfortable describing what they love as sensations of what you are giving them. So, if you are one of those, you better focus on some object. It is much easier to describe how her sexy lingerie makes you feel, and what you want to with it!
It would also be nice that we, as human beings, are not that afraid to express our desires as much as we are when it comes to somebody else’s performance but ours. This is a great thing because you can use it to tell your partner what you want to do to them. Use deep details in a soft but quite firm tone! It is a huge turn-on for them to know how desired and needed they are, and that they are not only a part of your fantasies but a major object of them!

sexy babe talk dirty with lingerie

Overall, dirty talk is not that scary as it seems at first. It is not to forget that after some time practicing it with somebody, there is no ice to break, as it is melting in the hot vibe! Words are the most powerful tool for the brain and imagination. Use them properly, and you will be really surprised by the results!

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