Odaxelagnia: A Combination Of Beating And Biting Fetish

Odaxelagnia as a sexy biting fetish cover photo

Odaxelagnia Biting fetish. Some people love doing it, others do not. Some people adore the sweet pain of biting, and others are anxious. However, it turns out that this practice is the idea of fun of so many people in the last fifteen years that there is even a name for it: odaxelagnia. For a part of society, biting is not appropriate when it comes to sex, but recent research proved that more than 75% of the people asked do actually feel arousal to some extent due to the pleasurable pain of bites.

Why Does Odaxelagnia Happen

We are proper mammals, and we are just a part of nature. In the mammal world out there, biting is not a sign of aggression in regular situations. It is more like a kiss in the animal world.
And we, just as animals, show affection in many ways, turned by time and society into pretentious presents and fancy actions. Unfortunately, for many people, odaxelagnia is just a new trend of tender gestures towards people. Our animal nature is as strong as our rationalism, and sometimes we shall give it a go! Biting is clearly the purest sign of affection in our mammal world, and there is literally no reason to uphold it!

Is Beating, Biting Fetish And Having Odaxelagnia OK

From a historical point of view-absolutely Yes. Form a psychological point of view-Yes, too! It even has an explanation. The light pain that you experience when bitten, and the feeling of pleasure, for instance, when you cum, stimulate the same part of your brain. This is why specialist say that the line between pain and pleasure is super thin, and you can cross it all the time without even noticing pain itself, as you chemically interpret it as pleasure!

When Is Best To Do Biting And Beating In Sex

Оh, well, the first and most important thing is that you do not usually do it without knowing that your partner would be happy with it! Clear consent given once is crucial for your healthy interaction with the other person. However, what is left for you is to know when it is a right moment to bite them, and when it is absolutely inappropriate.  Also, it is cool to know where boundaries are and not to cross them. I mean, if they do not like bite marks and harsh skin, you just do not leave them suffer with these!

Odaxelagnia biting fetish

How To Practise Odaxelagnia BOSS

Okay, it might sound quite simple, but it really is not. I mean…yes, biting itself is quite easy. Despite the fact that this is an act only natural, there are some tips and tricks that you might want to use to master this sexual practice!
Strategy ON!
Sexual arousal comes from biting but this is an art. Do not be like the Dracula. You do not just jump on a person and bite them. Do it with style! Be a cheetah! Start with slow but firm kisses. Then, go for little light bites.. like a road of pleasure. After that, I guess you know what is next- bite it!

1. SmARTass

You read right! Be a smartass. Most people, possibly including your partner, might be intimidated by walking around with bite marks all over their body and the jokes of their friends and colleagues in a pack with them. This is why we are going for smart solutions. Find the places your partner covers with clothes that are quite visible for everybody. This is usually the lower chest, stomach, back, butt and inner tights. You will surely enjoy being the only one who sees this work of art!

2. Know Your Powers

I know it sounds logically related but what we consider the same bite does not really feel as such. Skin is not sensitive the same way all over the body so it would be nice to take in account that bites on the stomach and the inner thighs should start lightly just to test how your partner feels.  If it feels fine grading, then go for that! If you want to have some idea of what works best, browse some videos, and you will see how gentle things are in gentle areas.

3. Spontaneity

Some people who are trying to vary in their sexual life with this practice, just bite monotonously. However, this can be a super exciting experience of tension and edging, and you do not have to set limits. Just do not make it super boring and even annoying. Vary in your bites and in the places you bite. If you bite only at the neck area because you see your partner enjoying it, then you shall probably try the chest area, for example. There is a high possibility they will love this, too.

Odaxelagnia - nipple bite

4. Plot Twist Combo

If your partner is into bites, there is a chance that they will also adore some rough games. Try and make a surprising /for you person/ combo of a bite and a slap or a bite and choking. It might be a surprise for them, but you will be the one surprised by the result!

Odaxelagnia is quite popular, and you should definitely try it! It is an endless game of tension and suspense that does not only bring continuous pleasure but can also lead you to a climax ( what does climax mean definition at dictionary.com ) It is surely a thing to take a bite off!

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