Crossdressing, Sissification And Dollification – The Difference?

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There are many kinks and fetishes based on wearing clothes that are not usual for your sex. Some of them are crossdressing, sissification and dollification.

With the positive opinion of LGBTQ+  flooding our society, the experiment of men wearing women’s clothing has become something regular. However, this practice has different dimensions that are more than different, although they might look the same at first sight.  So how are these kinks different?

Why Crossdressing And How to Start

Cross-dressing is a personal choice of what to wear. People who like this practice usually focus on a specific type of items that is very typical for the opposite gender. The usual case is men wearing women’s clothes which show in an obvious way the femininity of a woman. These include panties, and more specifically, thongs, bras, boobs stickers. But it does not have to be only clothes. It can involve make-up, hair extensions, or wigs.
Generally, following the stereotype is the way to go with crossdressing. What is more specific about this kink is that it can go the other way round- women to wear men’s clothing.  However, this is more accepted. I mean… nobody can see a thing wrong with a woman wearing a shirt and a tie. Also, it is not to forget to mention that people do this kink for their own personal pleasure as a ritual in specific situations… For example, you can create the habit of wearing a wig every evening after work!

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Why Sissification And More About Sissy Training

Sissification is the same, but only to some extent. Yes, they do it for their own pleasure. And Yes, they do it as a ritual. Yes, they do focus on specific items. Here is the difference. First of all, these items are more than one at the same time. So, if a man wants to wear a wig in the evening – cool, this is crossdressing. BUT if he wants to wear a wig, a dress, a bra, a pair of high heels – well, then, this is sissification.
This difference is closely related to the fact that sissies do not want to just wear some specific clothes. They want to be treated as if they actually belong to the opposite gender. And here comes the other difference- sissies usually have somebody to treat them in such a way. Yes, they do it for their own pleasure, but they play the submissive role, and their partner has to treat them as the opposite sex. For example, the sub changes his clothes and then the dom gives him many house duty tasks to enjoy. At that moment, the sissy is treated as a woman in a rural area of Republican America!

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What Is Dollification And Doll Fetish

“Than, what the actual fuck is dollification?” You would ask. Now, this, my friend, I consider dollification as a real art! It is a mixture between crossdressing, sissification, and representation of the human being as a doll or in more general an object. I swear to God, this is so pretty, that you can never get your eyes off it, once you try it! Attention is given to every single detail!  Men do it for their own pleasure. I usually happens under the control of a dominant person. More attention is paid to specific items.  The result is a man strongly resembling not just a woman but a doll. The sub is usually just treated by the dominant partner as if they are a beautiful doll with duties!  The come-up is a beautiful man with beautiful make-up, hair, and a lovely dress. Even as a man, you cannot miss feeling pretty looking like that!

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All the three fetishist practices seem to be very similar in nature, but you now know that they are pretty different in their detailed execution. Each of these kinks is interesting and worth trying, but I am sure after all, at least one of them will become a part of your lifestyle! A man deserves to feel pretty with lipstick on!

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