DDLG Meaning – Defining Better And What It Stands For

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Have you heard of DDLG meaning? In the 21st century we think that we have seen everything possible, I have a little surprise for you. We all know that pedophilia is not the best thing in the world. It is kind of illegal, but you can do a little substitute for it.

In your bedroom with your partner. Welcome to the real world of DDLG. This is an unknown universe of pleasure for most people. Some people have checked it online on different porn sites, but in real life, it all depends in your imagination.
This is one of the weirdest fetishes, which is not socially accepted, but who cares. If you really want to go to the universe of pleasure of this kink, and you want to take advantage of it today, this is the right place!

What Does DDLG Stand For

DDLG has become one of the most popular fetishes in the last ten years. It is an abbreviation that literally stands for daddy dom/ little girl. It represents a different type of BDSM relationship, and it is a role-play game. The players are dominant and the submissive, where a dom partner is usually a man, and the sub is usually a woman playing the role of a little girl. This is one of those role play games which actually consists of an aging game. 
The dominant partner is dominating the face of a little girl. And the woman is playing the role with excessive passion! We are not talking only about behavior, but about clothing and different accessories, too.

What Kinds Of DDLG Relationship Exist

It is a little-known fact that DDLG meaning has different types of varieties. A man and the woman who are playing Daddy and little girl are not enough. Mommy who is dominating a little girl could be an option too. It can be a mommy dominating a little boy. In some cases, it can even be dominant, who is a transexual, and he is dominating a little girl, etc. These varieties have different names, but all that is different is the sectioning of the roles!
The most popular type of play, in the last five years, was caregiving-little. And I have to admit, it is quite progressive and a very positive attitude kind of practice. This is when there is no literal physical domination over the submissive, but they are just in the inferior position. In this kind of relationship, the dominant partner is taking care of the submissive one! Isn’t that positive? I just love it!

ddlg age-play

The Nature Of DDLG Meaning

You know what people say? ‘There are different people with different preferences.’ There are some people who actually prefer keeping the relationship of this type exactly in a secret and privacy just to keep it up to their personal life. And, in most cases, it is not because of humiliation but because of their fear of the social opinion. But who really cares for the social opinion when this brings you so much joy and pleasure!
Some people, on the other hand, have the idea that this is a relationship that should not be constrained only to their personal private life. They actually involve this sexual and not only sexual but mental practice into their everyday life.
In its roots, this is a relationship of dominance and submission. And this is okay, even if the relationship itself is the vanilla type, where a dominant is taking care of a submissive. This is still giving control over your body and actions in somebody else’s hands at this very moment.

What Is The Vanilla Caregiving Relationship Like

This is a very common question and I’m not really sure why, because the answer is pretty simple! Imagine taking care of a child. It’s absolutely the same! I told you that it was simple!
If you are dominant, you can brush their hair. You can help them go to the toilet. You can play with them. If you find it appropriate, you can make them wear diapers, and you can change them. Feeding a child is one of the very basics, so you can give them some limited amount of sweets and treats because oral discomfort and dental problems can be very disturbing. You can pretend to be their help with the homework. You can explain to them some stuff in a childlike language. I did not believe it at first, but it turned out that it is a lot of fun actually!
Of course, there are some rules to follow, such as the names that you have to use. Depending on your gender, your submissive should call you ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’. Or when you are speaking to them, you have to use some very polite names, such as darling, dear, sunshine, peekaboo, etc.

ddlg meaning of caregiving

Naughty Girls Get Punished By DDLG Meaning

The fact that you are playing the vanilla type of this daddy kink does not mean that you cannot be rough sometimes. You know… Sometimes kids are being naughty and do some weird stuff that is not very nice. Who likes naughty kids? So why not spank them? Why not give them the proper punishment?
            When it comes to the punishments, looked from the point of view of reality, you can punish their characters in the play like real people-slaps, spanks, bites, punches, whatever you like! It is all a matter of preferences! Most people think that the vanilla type of relationship does not allow you to be rough. Are you surprised now?

Do I Need Some DDLG Accessories

This is one of the not many fetishes that we already know about, which actually involves the usage of many accessories. You have to create the so-called caregiving space. This is a space where everything is childlike! A crib, diapers, toys, coloring books, depending on what you and your sub would like to do. Many people actually invest in very expensive old dolls because, you know, luxury costs money, but money gives you a great caregiving space!
Also, for the look, if you are practicing the classical type by DDLG meaning, you might need a wig, different dresses, different shoes and other cool DDLG accessories. You might need a little girls’ make-up, some hairbrushes, and accessories to make her pretty! 
This is a full make-over kind of fetish. So, prepare for some excessive expenses to come with the start of this play!

ddlg meaning and  accessories

Final Thaughts On DDLG Meaning

DDLG is a lot of fun, and it actually stimulates our creativity! It is very relaxing, and it brings a lot of physical and mental pleasure to both of the roles in the play! Do not even wait for a second, go get some girl dresses and start the show tonight!

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