How Often And How Long To Masturbate

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I get to know more and more people who find the difference between having solo sex and to masturbate, and transform their perception of the time they spend on their own satisfying their needs…

However, most people are thinking more and more often what time are they supposed to spend enjoying themselves and how often, too… Here are my answers!

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How often can I satisfy myself on my own

Self pleasure is the upgraded version of masturbation. Masturbation is something I consider done just with the reason for reaching the end result- an orgasm. There is no focus on the process of doing it. There is no progression in the sensations. Masturbation can be great if the only thing we aim is a very fast orgasm before sleep and no joy other than the very climax. This is way too boring for me as well as for others.
That is why we practice sex single. It is not something dangerous if you do it the right way keeping good hygiene. We have to take into account that the experience is pretty cool and the pleasure you gain from it is a whole next level. You just cannot stop after the first time you try it.

The Frequency Of Masturbation

The frequency of practicing sex on your own depends on many factors… Age is the most significant factor, tho. Your sexual needs are different depending on whether you are 20, 40, or 60.  We should admit that you have the highest libido in your early twenties and in your late thirties and early forties. This is at least what the world database of the analytics say. It is only natural to have bigger and nastier desires when you are in these two ranges. So just enjoy them!
The only thing you should be careful about is the addiction. When having sex on your own, the pleasure and stimulation are much further than when you just masturbate. There are chemical processes in your brain, hormones’ production and this puts your brain into a habit if you do it many times every day. To avoid it, I have a simple trick- just take a few days to break once a month. This is how you ruin the habit. It is also a great chance for you to realize you can live without solo satisfaction, although I do not really believe in that!

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How long to masturbate

People are used to being lazy. That is why switching from masturbation to single-sex turns out to be a little hard. At the same time, it is totally worth it, and once you get used to this type of pleasure, you cannot stop enjoying it. There comes the other question… What is the regular duration of a single sex section? This is a question insisting on a concrete answer that really does not exist!
Everybody has their own idea of sexuality and satisfaction. While practicing solo satisfaction, some prefer just watching porn and touching themselves, others prefer gradation plays which take time. Duration depends on what you aim at- a quick but pleasant orgasm or a whole universe of sensations.

What You’ll Get While Masturbating

Sex on your own is your chance to get whatever you need. There are no time limits or frame of this fetish. Everybody is free to enjoy themselves for whatever time that they need it. It might be a couple of minutes after work in the bed, or an hour in the bath, touching, scratching, pinching, using whatever you want. Solo practice is one that does not require you to take into account anybody else and their abilities and desires. This is the reason why it is so trendy- we are selfish creatures and there is nothing wrong with that!

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To masturbate is way more than real sex even… It is having a real bond with your mind and body. It is much better even just because you are the one to know your erogenous zones and needs the best.
Nobody can give you what you can experience on your own with this fetish. You know where to touch at the very right moment and with what intensity to do it!  And just for the record, there is no record of it. None can forbid you to do it once a month or ten times a day. You do not even have to make a lot of time for it if you do not have it. Just take a couple of minutes or take a few hours. It is all up to you! You are the dominant one and your body is the submissive!

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