Kinks And Fetishes – Differences Between Them

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Our society gets more and more open when it comes to the topics of sex and desires. However, this opens room for discussion and research about the differences between kinks and fetishes.

This is the reason why we can see a lot of disinformation on the internet which actually serves as an information source.
This is probably the biggest factor of the huge misconception of “kink” and “fetish”. People use them as interchangeable words in the same contexts. However, this is a massive mistake when it comes to the perception of the two practices. I am here to give you the difference!

Definition Of Kinks

How would you define “kink”? Something different that you like in bed or generally sexual behavior? Yes, this is actually true.  
Kinks are actions and materials that are not usually connected with the idea of sex. They were not usually socially accepted. Nowadays and for the last twenty years, society’s vision is much more open and these desires are usually rather tolerated now than turned into taboos.
Kink is not something that you like, but something that you like that much that it gives you enough pleasure to make you aroused. On the other hand, it is not something you cannot live without, and something you cannot sexually perform without. You are supposed to be feeling okay without it, but you feel better if you have it.
It is important to remember that the idea of this notion is quite subjective. It really depends on which culture are you part of at the moment, because social acceptance simply varies in different cultures.

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And to make it even more clear, here is the example. Let’s consider something that is now thought of as something regular even in public space-intimate tongue kisses. If you go thirty years back in time, this will be a whole taboo topic not only when it comes to public behavior but even when in a private safe environment. This was considered a kink back then as some people still had it in their life. Coming back to nowadays, tongue kisses are something only natural, and are no longer considered a kink. This is the effect of cultures changing and subjectivizing the notion!

Difference From Kinks And Definition Of Fetish

How would you define “fetish”? Keep it for you! I know you would tell me the same definition that you gave me for “kink”. Here is it the moment of truth! They are different!
Fetishes are desires that are not usually related to sex itself, according to the social opinion, and just like kinks, they are not well-accepted. Of course, as society’s perception is changing some fetishes get tolerated, but most of them remain taboo even among the younger generations.
By contrast to the kinks, fetishes are not things that you just like a lot and gives you pleasure. It is something without which in your sexual experience, you literally cannot reach climax, or even if you do, you do not get satisfaction out of it! So here is the main difference. You can have a great pleasurable sexual experience even without going for your kink, but you cannot get satisfaction from sex if you do not focus on your fetish!
Here is another difference, but this one is a historical one. Kinks vary depending on the era and the culture. Fetishes have always existed the way they do now. The only development has actually happened in the way that they are performed. People over time have not changed their love for leather, feet and bondage! Of course, some fetishes are more popular in specific cultures! Rope bondage for example has its roots in Japan, and it was called Kinbaku!

Kinks And Fetishes Listing

When it comes to listing, this is quite simple. Naming them and their nature are quite the same. They are just a kinky or turn into a fetish depending on the need of them of a person. Here, I will list practices that have been the most trendy ones in the last ten years, so that you pace with time!

Age Play

This has always been a guilty pleasure for most people whether they admit it or not. It is a type of role play that works with age fictional differences in mind like DDLG porn (DDLG urban dictionary definitions is daddy dominates over a little girl) and mommy slaps her baby. It might be DDLG or a mature game, but in all cases, it is such a huge turn on!

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This seems like the most obvious thing, but this is just way too good not to mention! You can basically incorporate bondage in any kind of sexual preference. You can add it to rough sex just as well as to sweet vanilla sex. Also, it can be a noticeably good addition to any role play and any other fetish or kink you are into! It is so multifunctional that I cannot find a reason not to make it a basic part of your sex life.

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Foot Fetish

Yes, this is a quite peculiar one and it is definitely not the thing for everybody. However, it is super trendy and so many people have it discovered at quite a late age. Oh, well, you do not have to wait. Just go for a few tries with it today and tomorrow! For most people, foot fetish works pretty well and I will not lie – We love it from the very first toe lick!

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Limit Plays

It sounds super abstract, but this is the reason why limit plays in kinks and fetishes are so popular! This is a practice that is super productive with investigating your sensations and those of your partner. It is interesting to see some new dimensions of your preferences! What is even more important it set a code that signals that your limits are crossed or that they are just about to be crossed, and whatever is happening should stop immediately! I dare you to find your limits!

Whether you are into something specific or just a whole aspect of sexual practices, do not be afraid to explore! This will make you feel more confident in bed and, of course, will improve your sexual life. Finding out if a desire is just a kink or a fetish will also help you gain more satisfaction as this is a whole new level of self-embracement! Practicing and investigating under the sheets or wherever you would like is the only key to reaching it!

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