Never Disturb A Madame And Fuck At Work

fuck at work

It was Thursday, already midnight. Mike just got home from work. He was working pretty hard every single day to earn a higher position that his boss Sasha has promised to him.

Even before taking off his clothes, Mike, a PB and Jam sandwich, switched the TV on and just wanted to enjoy an episode of the series he was trying to take some time to watch. He finished the sandwich. Being too tired was no worry for a man falling asleep on the sofa.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, he jumped out of bed in a panic, run out of the building, and raised a hand to grab a taxi. A taxi was no deal… I mean, this is NY! This city never sleeps. Neither Mike did. When he got in the cab, he opened his phone, texting his girlfriend, “OMG, I am such a dumbass! I am going back to the office. Forgot to bring the final data to her office. Will come back home later.”
He got to the office. He got in the elevator. The music inside almost drove him crazy. It was way too late this evening to deal with this. Then the doors of the elevator opened. The corridor was all black. Just at the end of it, there was the flesh of light. Mike realized that this was Sasha’s office.
‘Fuck it. She is still here…” He said. He knew she would notice that he forgot to finish all his tasks. He got the key from his office and locked out of his pocket. He went inside, hastily looking for the final data papers. He just wanted to go back home and have some sleep. It was all a matter of survival with that little sleep now. He finally found the pad with all the documents, locked his office, and headed through the dark corridor to her room. Something was weird. It was something in the air. Some strange smell. He recognized the smell of fresh leather. Mike was so tired that he thought his brain is playing games on him! The closed he got to Sasha’s office, the stronger the smell got!
Mike silently approached his boss’s office and shed a glimpse inside through the little crack of the door. He saw nothing suspicious. Sasha was behind the desk, staring at the display, focused on something. By her look, you could tell it was something really complicated and important. Mike pushed the door a little, but the creek was fucking loud.
‘What the hell are you doing here? I have stuff to finish! Get the fuck out of here!’
‘But madame….I just wanted to leave some papers for tomorrow…’ He tried to explain in order to calm the situation a bit, but Mike could see the anger growing up in Sasha’s eyes. He saw her standing up. She approached him fast and firmly. It was like she was moving slowly, tho. Mike’s eyes stuck to her, and she was like an actress from a slow-motion movie. She looked magnificent. Mike was out of words.
‘Didn’t you hear me? Get out of here! I’ve got a shit load of stuff to do!’ She was screaming in his face, but he could not get his eyes off her. She has always been a bit alternative, but today, she looked super sexy-corset, high tight boots, and a short skirt. All leather. This is where the smell came from. Her. She was so outrageous, but this was what suited her the most. She just pulled him by the shirt and snapped the door. Everybody else would get scared by a strong independent woman screaming in their face, but not Mike. He has secretly been dreaming to fuck at work from the very first moment he got hired. It was a massive turn-on for him. What was happening now just gave him a huge boner, but no fear. He actually loved how furious she was.
Although a bit unprofessional, he was not on his shift, so he just could not resist and pull and pushed her to his body. He started kissing her passionately. Oh wow! To fuck at work?
‘Is this how you act with your boss?!’ She started pulling away from his arms. I guess it was only natural for Sasha to show him who is in charge. He started screaming, ‘Lay on the floor! Lay on the floor!’ Mike was a good guy and, of course, did it. She stepped on his chest. This was humiliating, but Mike felt the smell again. It was nothing but a pleasure for him to be under her leather majesty. He started touching her boot, wandering his hands all over her leg. The leather was so soft and silky by touch. Sasha was moving her leg up and down his chest. What a sacred feeling of her heel scratching his skin! Finally, he licked Sasha’s heel. He started kissing the whole boot up to her tight.
Sasha felt all this sexual energy and could not resist to fuck at work, too. She jumped over his lap and said, ‘Don’t you even dare to move! If you move, I will beat the shit out of you!’ She took off his jeans in a second. She was surprised to find out that this modest guy had a real monster cock. Sasha started slightly, biting it from bottom to the head. Who would suppose that she can give him a sloppy blow in a second? Mike was twisting his spine. With every move he made, she bit him even harsher. Mike could not resist the leather skirt and slapped her ass. The sound was marvelous—a song to his ears. However, Sasha was not happy with him trying to show any domination.
‘Who do you think you are? Let me show you who I am, bitch!’ She jumped on his lap. He felt how wet she was. He did not have enough time to enjoy her pussy sliding over his cock. She started bouncing her ass over his cock. Sasha was slapping him with every move he did, and every sound he could not keep inside. But this was a harsh task-she was riding him crazy! It took Mike a couple of minutes before all this was over. He was exhausted, and Sasha was acting severely as usual, but could not hide the smile on her face. She approached his face and slapped him, whispering in his ear, ‘Now get the fuck out of my office!’

After the fuck at work

He stood up in complete silence, taking on his clothes back. He really was not sure if this fuck at work have happened for real. He left the office saying no word.  Mike got in the elevator and started thinking, ‘What was that? It was a dream, right?’ But it was not. And he knew it. He knew it when he went to bed this night, next to his girl, and every night after that, dreaming of this crazy woman, the smell and feel of the leather, the wild inappropriate fuck they had, and every slap she got. This turned out to be a life-time fantasy – to fuck at work.

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