Solo Sex For Women: My 5 Best Tips

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This is not a very popular practice as it is quite new, but I am here to make you love it! It is like having a relationship but without the other person. You are actually having a relationship with yourself, your body and your sexual desires! It is so much fun that you just cannot miss it!

People do solo sex for many reasons, but in the world of sexual psychology, this is a practice defined as one done only with the purpose of pleasure. It is frequently mistaken for just masturbation, but masturbation can be practiced for medical and psychological reasons, too.
            Here are my tips on how to get the best of the solo sex experience with almost no efforts! These are my secrets for the perfect night home!

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  1. Variety is a crucial point
    Every relationship gets boring if intimacy turns into a habit and not an experience. It is the same with solo sex. Variety is the key to avoiding boredom in this practice. My personal advice is to make your own setting but switch different settings often. You are having a great time in bed? Go to the kitchen tomorrow! I know you have seen it in porn videos. Don’t be afraid to try it yourself! This will keep you excited about your time alone every day. Do you know what is even more exciting? Quickies on your own at the office. This now is a real game changer!
  2. Small steps make the big journey!
    Switching settings might be beneficial for you as it may help you discover new fetishes and new sensations. For example, if you are in the kitchen, on the table, just make sure you have the jar with coconut oil next to you, as well as some ice cubes. Both will not only make your skin look amazing, but they will bring additional and very specific stimulation you have probably not experienced before. The ice will make you shiver with pleasure! Solo sex is exactly like real sex but you have the chance to fully explore your sensuality!
  3. Watch me, bitch!
    Most of us are highly attracted to the idea that somebody is watching us or we are watching somebody else. It is a very frequently noticed fetish, and as long as the other people have given you their clear consent for this, you should benefit it as much as possible.
    A good tip is to find a buddy and create a camera relationship with them. You can enjoy yourself and their attention at the same time! It gives you such a warm ticklish feeling, and you are never bored. It is like having a date, but you have to put zero effort! So selfish, huh? Oh, well, no worries-sex and inner desires are something selfish, so this is a regular thing.
  4. Sex is in your head
    If you want to make it a more mental experience, reading erotic literature without touching yourself for a while is a great idea. When you are ready, you may stop reading and start pleasuring yourself, or you can just enjoy a one-hand pleasure while focusing on the story. It is a whole new level of sexuality and converting your desire into reality! A fun fact: when reading, our imagination starts switching images with a completely different pace. The porn movie is in your mind without making anything else than just reading!
  5. Spicy time!
    Watching adult content clips is always a good idea. There is a huge variety of categories. After all, enjoying a porn video never hurt anybody! What is more? Checking out videos in a wide spectrum of styles may be very helpful for you to develop new fantasies, which you might want to use when no X-rated videos are available or you are just not in the mood for them! Also, let’s put things straight- pornography is always appropriate after a long day, and your brain is drained. It is perfect for those nights as it needs no mental effort to satisfy yourself!
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Solo Sex is one of the newest sexual and psychological trends. Its only purpose is your pleasure, and it is only your choice to embrace the idea! Do it!

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