The Squirting – A Next Level Orgasm Experience

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Sex is no longer a thing to practice when you just want to make kids. In the 21st century, it is considered more of an action that brings pleasure and satisfaction. And squirting may take a big role soon.

In the past 10-15 years, everybody talks about the biggest pleasure source- the squirting orgasm. On the other hand, people do not really know what it is! It turns out that this leg-shaking orgasm is a huge mystery for most people. I am here to reveal the secrets by giving you the very basics of this wonder!

What Is Squirting

Squirting is, above all, a type of female ejaculation. It is a physical process of the woman’s urethra emitting fluids. By contrast to the other type of ejaculate fluid, this one has no taste, no odor, and no color. What is really specific, too, is that it comes in a large quantity rather than just a spit of it.

Why Do Women Are Squirting

There is a spot in the front part of women’s vagina called G-spot. It is considered to be a part of the inner side of the clitoris. Consequently, it has a lot of nerves concentrated at just one centimeter of the vagina. Stimulating this spot makes your body form a little bubble, filled with fructose and PSA. This bubble moves around into the “tube uretina” to the urethra, where it blows up, and fills your head with adrenaline and stars in eyes wide closed!

What Does Squirting Feel Like

As the bubble proceeds to your urethra through the tubes, you can feel pressure in your lower tummy.  Also, a feeling that you will make a little pee-pee is quite a regular thing. The important part is that this is not going to happen. You have to manage not tightening up the muscles of your genitals, and fully relax, so that you can get to the point!

Is Squirting Orgasm For Everybody

Squirting orgasm is there for every woman! As long as you have a vagina and women insides, squirting is possible for you! If you have not experienced this, it is not a problem with your body, it is most probably the fact that you have not used the right stimulation!

squirting - the new orgasm

How To Achieve Squirting

As already noted, you just need the right stimulation at the right place. Here are the very basic ways to reach a legs-shaking orgasm!

1. Through Masturbation

To reach this total body satisfaction, you do not necessarily have to invest tons of money in toys and artificial rubbers to get inside. However, if you really want to, this is nothing weird! Just manage to get the right one. They usually have a specific curve in the tip end, which vibrates and massages the G-spot.
                If you want to go for the natural masturbation methods- you should relax for a moment and find the right position in which you can actually reach the spot. Half lying, half sitting, is probably the best position. Start touching lightly the front wall of your vagina. It is some sort of a hill in a valley, so you will definitely find it easily. Start rubbing pressing and as the process develops get more intense, putting more and more pressure on it. When you feel the “pee-pee” moment, this means that you are really close. Stay relaxed and get a little more aggressive. Voila!

squirting through masturbation

2. Through Vaginal Sex

Yes, it is possible. I know that some of you out there struggle to get to just a vaginal orgasm, but with the right position, squirting is possible for every woman! My experience shows that doggy style improved to head down, ass up is a real flex when it comes to female ejaculation.
Another option is the missionary in a “stickier” version. Stick your bodies together and get your legs around his back as up as possible. If you are into yoga, or you are just flexible, put your legs on his shoulders, and I guarantee you that after a few minutes of deep strokes, you will be there!

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3. Anal Sex

As I have said it way too many times, anal is great for you to reach a squirting orgasm. The way your insides are positioned makes perfect contact between the anal and the G-spot when stimulated. All that you need is again legs-on-shoulders position or a good doggie style one!

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Squirting feels weird at the beginning and even the first time, but it is the top orgasm you can have and, of course, it can be combined with the clitoral one for even more pleasure, so what is left is only trying it. In the end of the day, all that really matters is going to bed happy, and what a better way than a good flooding orgasm!

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