The Fur Fetish Fantasy As A Big Joy In Sex

fur fetish fantasy

Although many do not know, most people have at least one fetish. It is usually a thing you can easily notice in somebody’s look or behavior. Do you remember the old bitch in 101 Dalmatians? Can you guess what her fetish is? You guessed it right! It’s the fur fetish.

She is crazy about fluff, and I hope you now know that this is not a children’s movie at all. It is just a film showing an old lady getting crazy over her fur coat! In this film, nobody ever asked why she loves her coat so much…Oh, well… It is just a fetishist desire!

How to notice if somebody has a fur fetish

Just when you like a specific color, you tend to wear it, right? It is the same. Most of the material fetishes you can recognize in a person by their look. If a person is into leather, then you can probably see a leather jacket on their back, or a high boots of shiny black leather, for example. If a person is into lace, you will probably see them wearing a lace shirt, or they might be just paying a lot of attention to other people wearing it or just seeing it in a shop and literally adoring it. It is absolutely the same with furries!

If a person, another or just you, adores furry scarfs, jackets, coats, especially as there is a lot of fluffy space, then you probably have this fetish! There are some accessories that might look quite innocent, but they are actually a clear straightforward signal for this sexual preference. This includes furry hairbands, tiaras with ears and fluffy gloves. I know it sounds like a lot of attention to the smallest details, but this is how things are if you are not willing to ask the other person! Also, this is the key to get to know yourself. Watch your wardrobe, and you will see.
The clearest sign for such a fetish is to check what porn you watched. If you have some preferences, analyze what they are. If you notice some fur in the videos… It does not have to be a cosplay of the actors admit might be just some of the material in the video…It might be just a pillow or a carpet, but it still can have a huge impact on your sexual sensitivity!

How Do I Practice My Fur Fetish

This is usually the most curious question when it comes to fetishes, but first of all, let me clarify some things. Fluff plays are a sort of role-play. The way you play is a matter of preference. There are no rules. If you are absolutely new to this fetish, then you should probably follow my tips below step by step!

1. Exploration

Okay, this is the easiest thing to do! Watch out for yourself, your outfit preferences, and what you pay attention to in the other sex! Check out your porn browsing history. These things might say it all. When you are absolutely sure that fur fetish is your cup of tea, start exploring what exactly turns you on. Is it just fur or is it the material wandering around in a sexual context… or may be, the material attached to a person and the material in a combo with a specific sound? These will reveal a lot about your sexuality, and furthermore how to enjoy your fetish properly and to the fullest!

2. Sexual Context

This one is easy, too! Get yourself something of the fluffy material and incorporate it in your self-time alone. Focus on the sensations it gives you, the smell, the light touch of it, or the harsh pressure of it. The moment you start enjoying it is the moment you start accepting your desires, and this is the key to maximum pleasure!
According to this, you should search for some videos! There is plenty of fluff material fetish porn on the internet, and it is only up to you to start watching! Also, you can check out some stories involving this sexual preference! Use your imagination and fantasize about fur fetish sex as much as you like!

3. If You Are Lucky Enough

Here comes the moment of luck! If you have a partner, they might not expect that, but the result will most probably be a good one. Depending on how much your partner is ready to experiment to get involved with your desires, you may have a whole variety of experiences! Starting from them buying a fur coat, through just a little tickling with a furry tail, to a real couple furry role play! It is all possible, and none of these can be harmful, so make sure to explain this to your partner, and you will see the best of this world!

Is The Fur Fetish Love Connected To Zoophilia In Some Way

This is the most logical question you could ask, and I tell you the answer now, as many people are not posing it in their fear of the answer! NO! This sexual preference has nothing to do with zoophilia. The person admiring fur fetish is a person admiring the material, and not the living moving and breathing creature! We do enjoy fur worn by human beings, not animals. We like having fun with the fake version of the material, and usually, the cosplay costumes are produced by the fake alternative!

I hope whether you knew you were into the fluff or not, you have finally realized it!  Believe it or not, this fetishist practice is a lot of fun, and you can enjoy it to the fullest if you open your mind! Social opinion on that does not really exist as this is a desire usually hidden, but who cares? There is nothing better than fucking a wolfie while a fluffy tail is wandering around and tickling you calls! I know you love it and I know that you hug people with fur coats tighter! But it is your right to love it! Who would not!

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