The Hardcore Medical Fetish

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About the medical fetish – every single person has experienced the doctor’s profession in one way or another. For some, it remains an unerotic memory, but for others, it makes its way into the subconscious and becomes inevitably linked to sex and arousal. Medical fetish embodies a number of sexual fetishes involved with doctor’s objects, practices, and circumstances. It can range from simple doctor/nurse roleplay to rectal examinations, enemas, prostatic massages, injections, catheterization, and many more.

What Is Medical Fetish

People with a hardcore medical fetish often use a variety of doctor’s devices, sometimes even torturous instruments, like speculums, anal spreaders, and enema kits. They may even allow for false procedures where they are surgically opened, and nothing is fixed or removed. Medical fetishism has many sub-branches that overlap with BDSM and SM. For instance, a dominatrix performing a clinical procedure on a willing submissive. In many cases, the activity concentrates on sensitive body parts like nipples, balls, buttholes. To increase the pain and pleasure sensations, the instruments used can be heated or cooled.

Kinds Of Medical Fetishism

1. Klismaphilia

This is perhaps one of the most popular medical fetishes out there. It’s associated with being turned on by enemas. Klismaphilia can be practiced by both men and women. Popular sadomasochistic behaviors include regularly using enemas for erotic humiliation or physical discomfort. Other appealing aspects of enema play are psychodrama, power exchange, and discipline.

medical fetish Klismaphilia

2. Castration

These fetishes are also very common. It usually involves the idea of emasculation. It is losing the penis, testicles, being humiliated, and sexually frustrated. Of course, if you chose to participate in your partners’ fantasy, you are not going to cut off their dick. Instead, you can imitate the action by using ice around the area until it’s fully numb and pretend to perform the procedure. A scalpel in your hand may help while you talk them through the fictional operation.

3. Anesthesia

This type of fetishism includes sexual arousal from two types. They are either the desire to administrate anesthesia or the desire to be anesthetized. People with this fetish use anesthesia masks made of rubber, syringes, spinel needles, endoscopes, etc.

Fetishes of this kind can sometimes be very dangerous. That is why medical fetishists are more likely to just please themselves by looking at pictures, hardcore doc fetish videos, or instruments needed for the procedures. But still, why not try it, too?

Medical Fetish Sex Toys

We all know that in the land of pleasure, everything you might ever think of exists. From basic vibrators to jumper cables and motor oil! Hardcore medical fetishes generally require extreme sex toys!
Anal spreaders or speculums are the go-to instruments for any medical fetishist out there. They are used to spread your anus or any hole for that matter, so the insertion of other sex toys is easier. 
Another common toy is the Ball-Press Chamber. It is used for cock and ball torturing. CBT involves activities such as squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play, etc. This particular device has a removable ring that you place around your scrotum and turns the handle slowly to press the testicles into the metal chamber. There are lots of variations of the toy, some with spikes or flat panels. Of course, anything that resembles a clinical instrument can be used in med sex. You can find a great variety of medical fetishism toys at Etsy

Doc play offers so many possibilities, and while some people will cringe and think it’s weird, it’s important to remember that the purpose of all sex and fetishes is to produce pleasure! Experimenting with different aspects of med fetishism can be extremely fun and arousing for both dominant figures and submissive ones. Simply starting from the mellow nurse/doctor roleplay. You can slowly transition to the more physical angle and start using different medical sex toys! The end result may surprise many people as they find themselves getting off and enjoying a safe and healthy hardcore med fetish play!

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