How to be a submissive ponygirl?

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Most fetishes are socially accepted, while others are hard to be understood. And ponyplay is one of them. One of the reasons is that it is very far from the boring quick fuck and it is close to most BDSM role-plays. Oh well, I am naughty enough to get to this ponygirl topic and enjoy giving you the tips which I’ve learned over the time and I know that will work!

What is a ponygirl?

It is the participant in a dominant/submissive play. This role is usually acted by a girl who is adopting the qualities of a horse and gains pleasure from being humiliated. Many of us have fantasized to be rope-tied and be cracked a whip at some point!

What is pony play?

Ponyplay is a specific branch of the BDSM subculture. The play is created by two people. The first is usually a woman having some horse qualities or even wearing accessories specific for this fetishist practice and depending on the desires of the partners, the focus might be different!

Being a submissive ponygril in the nature is so exciting
  1. Work ponies
    It’s a breed of strong ponies that handles heavy loads. It’s a bit different as a concept. The submissive beta man takes this role.
  2. Breeding ponies
    This is a very specific role in this fetish. The submissives are involved in a sexual scenario. The dominant one can be a trainer or another pony! It is as funny as it is sexually attractive.
  3. Ride ponies
    This is so interesting that you will be happy trying to be on both sides of the play! These are ponies that carry their trainer on their back by their order! I find it more of a game of trust to let your partner bring you on your back and to get your trainer on your back, being sure you’ll benefit from this fetish on you!
  4. Show ponies
    My favorite ponies! Being that type of pony gives me an extraordinary and specific experience. It works when the focus of the role play is on the clothes! You dress up, and you show your dressage skills! The better they are, the bigger the arousal!
  5. Cart ponies
    Again a branch of the pony play which for everybody but it is practiced mostly by men! The submissive pulls in a cart the dominant one. You’re not worried to be a ponygirl anymore, I hope? For me, I get excessively strong when turned on! Feel free to try being who you want to be! You will be surprised how pleasing it is!
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How to train a ponygirl

 Being trained or to train a ponygirl is easy. There are two types of approaches to get to the very start of the play – the wild animalish sexual experience! Use both methods at some point. This is the sequence of them for the best results! I’ve tested them and it worked! You can find my top 3 tips below:

nude ponygirl shows how she's been trained to become a BDSM top notch
  1. Watch
    There are many videos that can be entertaining and educate you at the same time. In case you just discovered your fetish, then your next task is to develop it! This is why ponygirl videos can be an excellent source for you to start training yourself or your partner for this experience!
  2. Clothes and Toys
    After you have seen what this play is, you can begin preparing yourself! First, open a ponygirl website and just see what turns you and your partner! This is when you may want to go for latex hoods, harnesses, or just hoof boots! This is only a matter of personal taste! Bondage is close to ponygirl porn videos. Putting the clothes on is very useful because it brings you the feeling of submissiveness and being a real pony!
  3. Mental Training
    This is the last step as it works perfectly well, for me, after the clothing part because you already have adequately acquired the basics- submission! This part of the training is the most psychologically related!

The dominant makes them walk in all fours, trot, or pull the cart! All these activities have and education effect on your submissive one! The result is dressage skills!

two nice ponygril fans are posing and look so hot

Try switching the steps if you think they would work better for you in other sequences. This is how they were useful to me, and every pony is different! Be prepared to try new things because you will never know what pleasure is waiting for you behind the door till’ you knock on it with a hoof!

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