Bottoming And Submission – What Is The Difference

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When it comes to the idea of power and powerlessness, we have all definitely seen the terms ‘bottoming’ and ‘submission’. Most of us usually refer to them as similar and synonymous, as they both have the connotation of no power. It might be a massive surprise to you that these are as similar in their nature as they are different in practice.
Many people believe that if they know the meaning of the abbreviation BDSM, they probably know everything about it. They tend to use some notions and ideas as equal and mutually reversible. And this is no surprise, we rarely read about notions and terms, but we would rather just enjoy watching naughty videos on the internet. However, it turns out that things are a bit more complicated.
Although they seem very close, here we will focus on the definition of both showing off the differences! Are you a bottom or a submissive? Now, you will know!

What Is Bottoming

In its nature, bottoming is the practice of losing any of your control. It can have different visualizations. If you are a bottom, you can be spanked, tied up, the “lower partner” in sensual plays, role plays, sensory plays, be part of a cross-dressing, or even dollification play.
Here comes the essence! The bottom does it for their own pleasure. They love to be overpowered, dominated, beaten, and even humiliated at home or even in public! That makes it so unique. When it comes to bottoming, the bottom is in their position in order to get their fair share of pleasure and satisfaction. The major motivation is not usually mutual happiness, but the selfish idea of being powerless and slapped!

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What Is Submitting

Although submitting and bottoming are used synonymously as practices, they are quite different things. Submitting has the same visualizations, aka the practices mentioned above. On the other hand, the reason of the powerless partner for doing it is different. They would usually not experience much pleasure, if not any pleasure at all, from these practices exactly. A submissive would do it for their partner. They would get their pleasure of the act for the pleasure of their partner.  This is a major difference!

Differences In Motivation For The Act

Taking into account what different people gain pleasure from, we can say that the difference comes from the different motivations for the act that lies in different people’s desires. When it comes to submission, the motivation for the act is mainly psychological. People submit for the mental idea of their partner being happy. On the contrary, if we are talking about bottoming, we can clearly state that people bottom in the name of their physical satisfaction and mental pleasure. They love both the toe-crunching orgasm and the idea of being dominated itself, rather than the experience of their partner.

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Then, Who Is The Dom In Submission And Bottoming

It is absolutely sure that the dom has full mental control of the sub. However, if you get into bottoming, this is a topic to question. If the powerless partner is the one really getting pleasure, and they are usually the ones putting their partner in the position of a dom without caring whether they want to be in this role, then who is the actual dominant?
For me, with the submission, the dom is only a dom in the role play. In real life, before, during, and after the game, the real dom is submissive in a very psychological way. They set the rules, and they make sure they get what they want…even if this is humiliation and full domination! Surprise, bitch! Who is the Big Boss now?!
Both submitting and bottoming are fun practices. Which one you will choose for yourself is all a matter of preference. It is just important to know where you are at in the whole game and how to express it. As far as you are doing it right, you can have the most fun of it and the most pleasure of it! Do not forget, tho, that you can be both!

Drown Me In Golden Shower

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Golden shower is nothing new to the porn and fetish industries. It has basically been existing as long as the human species! It is not only the shower golden, but the golden showers are one of the gold classics! Despite this fact, I would like to spend more time explaining what exactly it is breaking some myths and stating some others.

What Is Golden Shower

This fetish has undergone some naming alternations over time due to the social changes and the capability of close-minded people to accept things that are quite different and extraordinary. However, the very basics, the act of peeing all over somebody as a part of the sexual play, have not changed at all! As time passes, this has been called waterworks, watersports, piss plays, and pee plays.
You can still find porn videos named that way on the internet! This is nice, tho, because, depending on the name, you can judge the time it was produced and uploaded. Some real vintage pee porn is available and totally worth watching, man!
In psychology, a very fancy term is used to refer to the peework-urophilia. This term established firmly after the Russian scandalous pee record, as it made people pay attention and focus their interest on this practice at least for a while! From 2016 until now, the search rates of piss porn has massively increased by seven times more than back then! Wow, it is not bad! I guess the acceptability of society is increasing accordingly!

piss shower

Are You Gonna Like It

The saying is, “You will never know if you never even try!”. This fetish is way too deep in the kink area, so trying might not be an option for you. That is totally fine, it is way too much for many people!
A good step into this, if you have noticed any interest in piss, is to check out some videos on the internet, and see whether your body shows any response to the visual stimulation of it. Also, if you have realized you have a pee fetish and do not know how to talk to your partner about it, then just check out some of the many questionnaires on the web, which include this kink. This is how to delicately ask without really asking.

pee shower

Why People Do Golden Shower

Many people have not even discovered their preferences for golden showers yet. On the other hand, there are many people who consciously love the piss fun! As this is quite a popular fetish, sexologists have discovered already a couple of reasons for them, which are based on a physical and psychological level, too.
Imagine coming back from a long walk during the winter. You are freezing and your partner’s blood is boiling. The feeling of the warm urine gliding down your cold skin. Well, this now gets me excited! It has the same effect on many other people!
Another thing that people really love is that feeling of dominance they experience literally flooding them when their partner is above them and gives them a good golden shower. This act of dominance is a moment of relief for the dom, and their slave is loving the feeling of being a helper!
Another thing that people enjoy, or even fall for about this fetish is the aftercare. Most people who practice this fetish have a specific pattern after the BDSM play. The giver brings the sub in the bathroom and gives them a regular warm shower with all the tenderness and love they can provide. And who does not like to be taken care of?
A little time after trying it for the very first time, I have realized that, although pee showers are not for everybody, they are definitely my cup of tea! However, if you do not feel sure whether you will like it or not, the only solution to this problem is to splash (Yes, the pun is fucking intended here) into this whole new world of experiences. You can do it your own way- dive into the web, or just straight-forwardly try this new thing with your partner!

golden shower on your face

Bonus Tip On Golden Shower

When it comes to advanced experiences, if you are more on the dominant side and want to pee even in your loved one’s mouth, and you really want to give them a generous sip, hydration is the key! Water is not always the best option for the results you are aiming at! The best choice for you is the watermelon, and not the fruit itself but just the juice! Always works! Have fun and enjoy these golden moments!

Femdom Strapon Sex

lesbian femdom strapon fuck

In the last ten years, femdom strapon sex made a huge change in how society sees sex and sexual practices. It is not the newest but it is definitely becoming a trend called female domination.

What Is Femdom

Female domination is a sexual practice in which the woman is the leading figure. The thing is that it is not only her decision but it is a desire of a man to be in the position of the submissive.
What we see as dominance is quite relevant. There so many types of female domination. You can be a dom in words or inactions, for an hour or as a full-time job, all the time. When you decide to be actively dominant, there is the moment when accessories are a huge thing! One of the most popularly used accessories is the strap-on.

What Is Strap-on

Strap-on a sex toy in two parts. One of the parts is a dildo that does not vibrate and it looks like a penis. The dildo sticks at its place by the belt which is the second part of the toy. The belt goes around the hips of the person wearing it who is usually a woman. Strap-ons can be made by different materials depending on your personal preferences. Some people prefer latex or rubber. Others go for the wood or metal. Depends on how harsh you want to go!

strap-on pegging

How To Choose A Femdom Strapon

First, decide the material. This seems quite easy, but you really have to pay attention to it. If you are a beginner, then you should probably stick to the classics like rubber and latex. On the other hand, if you are a pioneer in this and want to upgrade the game and spoil yourself with something more stylish and pretentious, then a hardwood one or a metal one should work perfectly well!
Second, get into a convo with the person in the sex shop. They will help you a lot in choosing the right size of the belt. It is important, and if you do not do it, there is a significant chance that you will get the wrong size and it will either be way too tight or too loose. This does not seem to be such a big deal but when it is time for the real intense work, you will see and feel what I am talking about!
To be honest, the perfect scenario is to buy the two parts separately. This is how you will not have to think about moments of discomfort coming from things that do not seem to matter but they do.

femdom strapon

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Femdom Strapon

1. Too Tight

If you feel that the strap on fits perfectly on you without you making any moves, then it is too tight for an intercourse. When you start pushing and taking it out, you will feel how it gets tighter and tighter around your hips. This might not be such a huge lack of comfort at first, but after ten minutes you will see your skin getting irritated. If you do not stop at this right moment, things may get serious and an infection is guaranteed.

2. Too Loose

If the strap-on is too loose the end result will be quite the same-irritated skin and most probably an infection. There is another danger, too. If you push the dildo and then go pulling when it is loose, it can go in upper direction causing some serious harm to the anal of your sub. I know they do really love every pinch of pain we give them, but being physical health goes first even with this fetish!

How To Use A Femdom Strapon

1. Be one

Turn into one with the toy. You are not supposed to start the play without it and then stop for five minutes to put it on and boom! Magically, out of nowhere, a fake penis appears. It is all about getting into the role. Before even getting into it, you should be all ready. All accessories on, including the peg dildo!

2. Wetten Things Up

As you have probably noticed, things do not work like with women. It is not wet in any part of that area so that you can just get some moist and enjoy some good fuck. You have to be prepared with some lubes. I would personally recommend massaging oils as they give you the glide motion and are also nice for his backyard skin. Another option is a silicone lube, but never a water based one. It just dries up so fast, that you have to put more and more of it or just water again and again. Go for the classics!

3. Prepare The Zone

It may sound a bit weird but sometimes a little razor is needed before you even start. The hairs down there can cause no serious problems but just a lot discomfort when you start the penetration. Just make sure he takes those five minutes and you will thank me later!

4. Step By Step

Okay, do you remember your first anal? You probably do. It is not something a person can easily forget. This is why when it is time to put the new boy in action, just take it easy. Go step by step. Get just the tip in, and then slowly and gradually go for bigger bites. It might be very uncomfortable to have a real penis-like toy in your anal for the first time.
Keep the intense part for later, let him take his time with getting used to it… The good intense pegging will not disappear, but it will take some time to get to this point. It might not be even the first time, but the second or the third or the forth… Do not get nervous. Go slow and steady and you will see him screaming humiliated at some point.

femdom Strapon fuck

I Have To Do Femdom Strapon With Men Or Lesbian Too

The answer is easy. It is a femdom strapon domination by a female. Nobody ever specified who are you supposed to dominate. If you are on the other side of the road, this is no problem. You can still dominate your girls and make them your little bitches.
Lesbian femdom strapon is even most pleasurable. And you do not have to stick only to the anal. You can go for a vaginal classical type of penetration that never hurt anybody but we find it a bit boring. I’ve learned so many things about lesbian strapon sex videos at XNXX. Also, I have to mention this: Even if there is some liquid and things are gliding beautifully, do not get misled-it is a good idea to reach for the lubes for anal unless you want to get super hardcore and just make her cry.

Femdom strapon is more fun than you have ever expected. Yes, they are expensive, but this is just an investment in a better play. And what can beat a better play after work? Yep, nothing can beat a huge dildo in the ass. Strap ons can offer you a completely different look at your sexual experiences and desires, opening a whole new world of dominance and submission for you and your partner. All you need is one of those toys, lube and a whole lot of enthusiasm for some good strap-on fucking!

Odaxelagnia: A Combination Of Beating And Biting Fetish

Odaxelagnia as a sexy biting fetish cover photo

Odaxelagnia Biting fetish. Some people love doing it, others do not. Some people adore the sweet pain of biting, and others are anxious. However, it turns out that this practice is the idea of fun of so many people in the last fifteen years that there is even a name for it: odaxelagnia. For a part of society, biting is not appropriate when it comes to sex, but recent research proved that more than 75% of the people asked do actually feel arousal to some extent due to the pleasurable pain of bites.

Why Does Odaxelagnia Happen

We are proper mammals, and we are just a part of nature. In the mammal world out there, biting is not a sign of aggression in regular situations. It is more like a kiss in the animal world.
And we, just as animals, show affection in many ways, turned by time and society into pretentious presents and fancy actions. Unfortunately, for many people, odaxelagnia is just a new trend of tender gestures towards people. Our animal nature is as strong as our rationalism, and sometimes we shall give it a go! Biting is clearly the purest sign of affection in our mammal world, and there is literally no reason to uphold it!

Is Beating, Biting Fetish And Having Odaxelagnia OK

From a historical point of view-absolutely Yes. Form a psychological point of view-Yes, too! It even has an explanation. The light pain that you experience when bitten, and the feeling of pleasure, for instance, when you cum, stimulate the same part of your brain. This is why specialist say that the line between pain and pleasure is super thin, and you can cross it all the time without even noticing pain itself, as you chemically interpret it as pleasure!

When Is Best To Do Biting And Beating In Sex

Оh, well, the first and most important thing is that you do not usually do it without knowing that your partner would be happy with it! Clear consent given once is crucial for your healthy interaction with the other person. However, what is left for you is to know when it is a right moment to bite them, and when it is absolutely inappropriate.  Also, it is cool to know where boundaries are and not to cross them. I mean, if they do not like bite marks and harsh skin, you just do not leave them suffer with these!

Odaxelagnia biting fetish

How To Practise Odaxelagnia BOSS

Okay, it might sound quite simple, but it really is not. I mean…yes, biting itself is quite easy. Despite the fact that this is an act only natural, there are some tips and tricks that you might want to use to master this sexual practice!
Strategy ON!
Sexual arousal comes from biting but this is an art. Do not be like the Dracula. You do not just jump on a person and bite them. Do it with style! Be a cheetah! Start with slow but firm kisses. Then, go for little light bites.. like a road of pleasure. After that, I guess you know what is next- bite it!

1. SmARTass

You read right! Be a smartass. Most people, possibly including your partner, might be intimidated by walking around with bite marks all over their body and the jokes of their friends and colleagues in a pack with them. This is why we are going for smart solutions. Find the places your partner covers with clothes that are quite visible for everybody. This is usually the lower chest, stomach, back, butt and inner tights. You will surely enjoy being the only one who sees this work of art!

2. Know Your Powers

I know it sounds logically related but what we consider the same bite does not really feel as such. Skin is not sensitive the same way all over the body so it would be nice to take in account that bites on the stomach and the inner thighs should start lightly just to test how your partner feels.  If it feels fine grading, then go for that! If you want to have some idea of what works best, browse some videos, and you will see how gentle things are in gentle areas.

3. Spontaneity

Some people who are trying to vary in their sexual life with this practice, just bite monotonously. However, this can be a super exciting experience of tension and edging, and you do not have to set limits. Just do not make it super boring and even annoying. Vary in your bites and in the places you bite. If you bite only at the neck area because you see your partner enjoying it, then you shall probably try the chest area, for example. There is a high possibility they will love this, too.

Odaxelagnia - nipple bite

4. Plot Twist Combo

If your partner is into bites, there is a chance that they will also adore some rough games. Try and make a surprising /for you person/ combo of a bite and a slap or a bite and choking. It might be a surprise for them, but you will be the one surprised by the result!

Odaxelagnia is quite popular, and you should definitely try it! It is an endless game of tension and suspense that does not only bring continuous pleasure but can also lead you to a climax ( what does climax mean definition at ) It is surely a thing to take a bite off!