DDLG: Definition and a Quick guide to it!

Definition of a DDLG and a guide to it

DDLG? Oh, wow! I know this abbreviation sounds more like some narco group in New Jersey. It actually stands for Daddy Dom/Little Girl and it’s more addictive than coke.  I wouldn’t say it is a fetishist practice because it is more like a way of living.

A Short Definition

DDLG is one of the most pleasurable mixtures between two fetishes- BDSM and age/role-play game that can drive you crazy for seconds. To be more specific, two adults agree on a play where a ” daddy” takes care and treats a woman as a submissive baby girl. I know what you are thinking about, you, naughty one! However, it has nothing to do with incest! You can find also a great definition from Urban Dictionary

What you need to know about DDLG relationships

It is just a kinky age role play very close to the dominant/submissive relationship but it has so many shades on the spectrum from very hardcore practices to the most vanilla ones. In the DDLG relationship, everybody has their role – Daddy Dom is a caregiver and brings discipline to his little one, whereas the little girl is a sweet one, a little silly and bratty. She likes following the rules on her daddy, loves cuddling and playing with toys.
  Such play does not need to have a sexual nuance but usually, it brings more excitement and sexual desire. You can see what I mean in the DDLG porn videos on this website and trust me, the pleasure is not exaggerated at all! To be honest, taking roles completely different from who you are on a daily basis, creates tension and relaxation which makes the sex amazingly passionate! The whole game is a break from reality which most of us call ‘Little Space’. My Little Heaven!

Things to know about DDLG relationships

  A little tip from me about this fetish is that if you want some variety, something new and exciting for your relationship. You may want to explore this game with your partner! At least it always works for reviving my relationships! The most basic scene is that Little is being bathed and dressed up by the Daddy Dom and his orders.
But sometimes Little is moody. And this my Daddy Dom did not like. Here comes one of the moments when every Little has to be taught some discipline. Just the way I bore my punishments… Oh well, I guess this is what happens when I act bratty with my daddy – I get spanked really hard…

How to create a healthy DDLG relationship

DDLG sexy babe
  1. Communication
    First of all, you should communicate your idea with your partner. To introduce them to it, you can watch some DDLG porn videos. Tell them what is the reason that stands behind it for you. Is it only sexual pleasure or you aim at building a deeper emotional relationship through this game. Saying from my personal experience, it will do both!
  2. Agreement
    The second step is to set clear definitions for everything as the whole fetish has a big range of options for everything. Define your age-play, the rules the Little should follow (which for me are very fun to break), her rewards and the punishments accepted.
    Set limits, safe words! The game shall go wild! You may want to say a specific word but you may also want to define colors that mean different things. For example green for pleasure, pink for sweet pain and red for ‘Stop it!’.
    Talk about the scenes you want to create and the DDLG accessories and outfits you want to use! These are a must! And are literally a GAME-CHANGER!
  3. How to enter the DDLG play
    There are different ways to do it. The most common one is through objects, outfits, etc. For example, when Little is wearing a pink doll dress, it is time for the little space.
    Another case is a question of perfect timing- when it happens naturally, and you both get in the same DDLG mood simultaneously.
    The third way I have discovered is through specific immersive role scenes. With my daddy, this is when I start watching animations on Saturday morning! He knows I’m waiting for my cuddles and after my afternoon nap when I wake up moody – for my slaps! Because daddy said I could not eat chocolate after 2 pm… but I wanted it. However, the activities may vary from taking a bubble bath, through hair-brushing to reading a bedtime story. You both will find what brings you pleasure.
  4. Aftercare moments
    This is one of the most important parts of the fetish which is also included in any form of BDSM practice. It is the mental and physical care for the other person when the scene is over. All these powder-sugared moments I mentioned above usually lead to extraordinary arousal and a very intense sexual experience. It is a task for both of you to make sure your partner recovers fully from it. This helps both of you slowly go back to the real world. My personal advice is to do something adultish, like having a coffee and a convo about what you did like, and what you did not… or should be improved.
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Can DDLG be bad for you

The social opinion on this practice is that it can be damaging to the mental health of those participating.
  On the other hand, real surveys on regular practitioners show absolutely the opposite. Contemporary research brings us to the fact that such fetishes and fantasies as BBLG are very healthy for a relationship. It’s like that because it does not let it become monotonous and boring. What is more, it is absolutely scientifically proved that giving our desires an outlet in some form of performance makes us feel psychologically healthy and relaxed.

sexy babe wants to be punished

Are these reasons enough for you to close this tap and start enjoying them in real life? This is what I will do as daddy said it is already bedtime!
Have a naughty night and a dirty morning, guys!
Enjoy yourselves with or without a partner!


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