Latex Fetish And Leather Sex: The New Sensation

leather and latex fetish as a leading trend in porn

Let’s put things about latex fetish and leather sex simply. We, as humans, rely on our animal instincts. They are closely connected with our senses. Our sexual desires and libido are the result of the communication between

our senses and our brains. The need for happiness’ hormone production is the reason why we want to have sex, and the fact that our senses control our fantasies is the reason why we get to be turned on more and more often by concrete things, the so-called fetishes.
                The leather and latex fetish has been super trendy in the last 10 years. It is not only influencing the porn industry but even the boutique clothing producers. This makes it the perfect endless money-hole!

leather fetish boots

What’s Latex Fetish & Leather Sex

Oh, well, it is quite obvious by the name. This is when you get turned on by wearing both these materials or by seeing somebody wearing them. As senses are the ones controlling this fetish, we just have to mention for those who are new to it-leather and latex have a very specific texture and smell. The person with these preferences perceives both touch and odor as some massive turn-ons!
                The products from these materials show up a great variety. It might be clothes, just a belt, shoes, or whatever BDSM piece you can imagine produced of them!
                The fetish itself has the general conception that it is closely related to submissiveness. Some people just enjoy the beauty of these products, while others are intentionally looking for that power play. Most people enjoy the restrictions with leather and latex, tho, although sometimes they may seem too extreme.

latex fetish mask

Toe Tip In Leather And Latex Fetish

When it comes to leather, this has been in Top 3 fetishes for the last 5 years, and this means a lot. People love the feeling of touching it! This is the reason most people tend to buy clothes, accessories, and even sex toys, offering the same texture! Crazy huh?
                On the other hand, there are other people who get stimulated by the visionary. They would love to see a woman’s curves in leather. Imagine having this! Imagine having the chance to get all the control in your hands, putting her in some bondage by the same material… Sounds great to me? I would not miss it. What about you?
                When it comes to latex, the situation is quite the same. You may be attracted by its look because, if we really have to be honest, it is fucking sexy! You may want to touch it, even if you are the one wearing it. If this seems to be turning you on, then, I have news for you! You are a rubberist! The best part about this is that latex somehow intensifies the touches. This automatically means that this is a great chance for you to find some new sensations and to create a whole new world of fantasies with them!
                Something that is a bit more specific about this fetish is that latex can be a material you are allergic to, and even if you are not, it has another magical power except being super hot- it can create allergies in your body! Impressive, right? Only the harsh motherfuckers survive being this sexy!

leather sex domination

Am I Into It

As with every new thing, everything starts with a little curiosity. You do not have to buy a whole set of products to realize you do not like it. If you feel like leather might be your thing, go to a leather shop. Touch and feel the material. Smell it,  put a tight skirt on, and watch yourself in the mirror for a while.
I can guarantee you that this test will give you 100 percent verified information.  You will also get to know whether you like the look, touch or odor of it!
The thing with the latex is a bit more complicated, but not impossible. Find the biggest sex shop in your area. They should offer some latex pieces. Do the same thing that you did with the leather and see what really catches your attention.  If you get super excited, then, this is your sweet weakness, babe!
What you should be aware of is that latex clothing is quite challenging to put on and even harder to take off. You should have the help of the consultant of the shop or a friend who has some idea of what they are doing! If you are still not ready to put yourself into the situation of lack of comfort, then, we all know what is the answer, and how to realize if you are into these fetishes! PORN! As a very trendy thing, both of these fetishes have their own categories already, but you can find them mixed in the BDSM category!

leather spanking

The internet is flooded with this adult content exactly, so if you ever feel like you want to check out how to put a specific belt, or how to get your girlfriend handle form the roof, then, the huge variety of porn sites is always available for you. My personal advice is to make sure you are not telling everybody about your sexual preferences but hiding them is never an option. You never know what a person stands in front of you. They might be the ones to share some magnificent moments with, getting dominated and bonded in leather implements!
Explore, enjoy and practice has always been my motto!

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